About yours truly

~ * About *YoUrS TrUlY* * ~

My internet name is Luna. I'm a teen girl. I'm a COCSA survivor, don't worry about me tho! If anyone of my family or people that I personally know are reading this, it means I'm dead or you have discovered it randomly lolz. I cope with constant and intrusive thoughts about trauma and regular teenager things. I also cope with a bad body health, and I have problems eating because of my distorted view on my looks. Well, this sounded so edgy! But it's true. Now the *real* good stuff about me: I have a caring dad, a beautiful mom, an intelligent brother, my energetic grandma and the two loves of my life, my puppy named Anouk and my elder dog named Pepe. God, I love them soooo much. I love dogs! They're so cute and tiny and I want to pet every single one of them. I love my friends, I love them so much, especially my two best friends, X and Y (can't reveal their names lolz). They're so supportive and I would die for them. I have a cool life, yeah, it has it's downturns and especially now, but I'm dealing with them. And I think I'm going to win. If I don't, well, that's a shame. As I said, if anyone that I know is reading this, it means I commited suicide, or they caught me trying. I hate those suicidal thoughts and tendencies that I have, but I'm dealing with this, AAAAAAAAAAAAAND this site is helping me!!! I feel really bad venting to people, especially my two best friends, because I hate to seem weak or worry the people that I love. I love everyone, really. I may seem bitter to people but it's just my fear of seeming weak. Well, about things that I like... I love mythology, and I believe in angels. I love dogs. I love cats. I love the color pink. I love to learn things, especially math. I love internet history. My favorite subject in school is history. My hobbies include drawing and writing characters, and maybe now that I learned html, I found another hobby!!! I hate people getting annoyed at me for things that I didn't do or didn't mean to do. I hate seeming week or making people feel worried. I hate getting bad grades. But I think my list of hates is little compared to the things that I love and that's what matters the most! Respecting and loving everything. About religion, I'm currently trying to figure what I believe in, but my family and my surroundings are catholic. Well, as you might have guessed I talk a lot. But thank you for reading, truly! Hope u have a wonderful day.